VIDEO – Hydrological stations have been placed in the municipalities of Mogila and Maliq that will alert for possible floods

Placing hydrological stations in the municipalities of Mogila and Maliq. The rivers Devol and Crna Reka are the river that are often the cause of floods in the municipalities Maliq and Mogila.

The hydrological stations have their own video cameras in order to follow the level of river. The hydrological stations have solar panels for self-powered work. These are the first hydrological stations in these regions that are giving timely alarms for incoming floods. The hydrological stations are measuring the depth and temperature of the water in the river.

The information from the hydrological stations are going to the hydrometeorological direction and the municipalities.

The information from the hydrological station are inserted in the mobile application „Alarm floods”. Тhrough this mobile application the citizens are going to receive timely alarms about incoming floods. Тhe application “alarm floods” can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Не е дозволено преземање на оваа содржина или на делови од неа, што се однесува на текст фотографија видео без дозвола од редакцијата на ИНФО КОМПАС.

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