VIDEO – The Municipalities Mogila and Maliq received canals for prevention from floods, as well as hydrological stations that alarm for possible floods

The municipalities of Mogila in North Macedonia and Maliq in Albania are hit by floods in winter and autumn almost every year. The reason are the uncleaned existing canals, covered with dirt and dense vegetation. As well as absence of appropriate water drainage system.

For that purpose, drainage canals were constructed in length of 3 KM in Mun. Mogila and 3 KM in Mun. Maliq. In Municipality of Mogila the newly constructed drainage canals are crossing through the villages Budakovo and Trap. In Municipality of Maliq the newly constructed drainage canals are crossing through the villages Vlocist and Dhritas.

„Problems on both sides of the border were identified through this project, problems connected to the massive floods. Together we defined the solutions to these problems, short term and long-term solutions, which will help towards a long-term cooperation of all the actors. Not only for the municipalities Mogila and Maliq, but our organizations and all other partners included in the project as well“, said,  Albana Cule, local project coordinator – DMO.

The canals controlled and prevented flooding of the residential and agricultural land despite the frequent and heavy rain in these villages (above 70 L/M2)

Hydrological stations were placed within this project on the rivers Devoll and Crna Reka in these two municipalities.

„Thanks to this project, the residents of Mogila Municipality can follow the situation of the river Crna Reka and danger of floods. At the same time the residents are going to be protected from flooding with the canals in Trap and Budakovo“, said Draganco Sabotkoski, mayor of Municipality of Mogila.

The hydrological stations with their sensors are measuring the depth and temperature of the water in the river. The hydrological stations have solar panels for individual work and video cameras with which the flow and level of the river is followed.

Information from the hydrological station is inserted in the mobile application “ALARM FLOODS”. The Application “ALARM FLOODS” can be downloaded from GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

„Among the other activities a very important document was realized within the project. This is the joint action plan which is portraying the mission, the main goal of the project. And that is an established joint cross-border cooperation between these two municipalities“, said Prof. Dr. Konstantin Petkoski.

  • Informed and motivated 600 agro-producers and members of the community from both countries for environmental protection, maintenance of the canals and floods management.
  • Experience exchanging and study visit in both countries between 20 agro-producers.
  • Increased capacities for cooperation, planning and managing with floods of 24 persons from the sectors for floods management.
  • Increased capacities of 200 agro-producers in both countries for management and protection from floods.
  • More than 12,000 people directly protected from floods with this project.
  • Prepared 2 local action plans in the municipalities for floods management.
  • Joint cooperation between both municipalities for preparation of 1 joint plan for management with risks.

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